Dr. Evangelia Sarantopoulou and Dr. Angelo Ferraro are Guest Editors of the MDPI Cancers Special Issue “Dynamics of Cancer: Complexity and Hierarchy on Cancer Cells and Tissues”.

Journal: Cancers (ISSN 2072-6694, IF 6.575)
Special Issue: Dynamics of Cancer: Complexity and Hierarchy on Cancer Cells and Tissues
Submission deadline: 31st May 2023

Cancer is a complex disease, highly heterogeneous even for similar cells. Among other factors, tumor growth depends on dynamic interactions between cells and the continuously changing extracellular matrix microenvironment. It is still unknown why cancer therapies are more effective for some individuals and not for others. An interdisciplinary approach where physics, system dynamics, and biology will be integrated with traditional methods will tackle the challenge.

Generally, dynamical systems, such as cancerous ones, have structural (“hardware”) and functional (“software”) connotations that form ensembles of successfully interacting nested sets and subunits of variables and parameters forming different hierarchical dynamical states.

In this Special Issue, novel topics, including cell and tissue biophysics and dynamics, biomechanics, nano-bio interactions, complexity, hierarchy, stability, chaos, the flow of information, cell memory, and novel cancer therapeutic and diagnostic methods at the nanoscale are exploited.

Keywords : cancer cells and tumors, cancer biophysics, cancer dynamics, cancer biomechanics, cancer nano-bio interactions, complexity and hierarchy in carcinomas, cancer fractality and chaos, cancer AFM diagnostic, cancer imaging, cancer therapeutics.


As the Guest Editor of the Special Issue above, I would like to invite you to contribute an original
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