Nanoscale connectivity of Euclidean, Electrical and Thermal topologies

The connectivity between space, electric and thermal topologies, space degeneracy, irreversibility, hierarchy, and stability is hidden in tiny systems. Local 2D Euclidean topology entails high complexity and hierarchy between similar physical processes. It also entails hidden space degeneracies along with opposite directions and unidirectional stability/instability during the evolution of a system along its dynamic paths.
Thus, in chaotic 2D nets, a diverging physical behavior along opposite directions is expected. By applying an electric field, thermal, and conductive atomic force microscopies in 2D amorphous semiconductors, we demonstrated translational space degeneracy and divergence along opposite conductive paths and also unidirectional electric current stability and diverging power transfer.

Key publications

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Conference presentations

Strong Entropic and Electric Current Coupling and Surface Topology in 2D Semiconductors Violates Translational Current Homogeneity along Opposite Conductive Paths at the Nanoscale,
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