Thermodynamics vs chaos in tiny systems

Molecules near surfaces have complex and chaotic behavior. Molecular confinement in small crevices, even water confinement, shows intriguing, abnormal, and unexpected actions, including local surface entropic adjustment and a diverging characteristic time of physical processes. Nevertheless, observation of entropic variation during molecular confinement is scarce. An experimental assessment of the correlation between local surface strain and entropy in tiny crevices (elucidating the local dynamics) is complex because the strain variances bear nanometric/subnanometric reactions.  Molecular entropic variations during water confinement in 2D nano/micro cavitation were analyzed by applying White Light Reflectance Spectroscopy, state-of-the-art multifractal image analysis, and random walk models. The time differentiation inside and outside nanocrevices reveals an additional state of ordered hierarchical arrangements with a fixed molecular length near the surface. The configured number of microstates correctly counts for the experimental surface entropic divergence during molecular confinement and justifies nanosize drug delivery systems’ diverging and complex responses.


Key publications

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