Protein differentiation modulates biotopologies in insects

Nanomechanics and protein bio-expression strongly correlate with Euclidean topology of cell morphogenetic bio-structures. An experimental and mathematical magazine was established to control physiology and pathology with chorionic proteins. Cell morphology and local nanomechanics are linked to the expressions of chorionic proteins in Drosophila melanogaster. Down-regulation of s38 and s36 proteins has the consequence of severely disorganized eggshell surface patterning, lacking thus typical follicular imprinting parameters.

Key publications

The indispensable contribution of s38 protein to ovarian-eggshell morphogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster.
A.D. Velentzas , P. D. Velentzas , S.A. Katarachia , A.K. Anagnostopoulos, N.E. Sagioglou, E.V. Thanou, M. M. Tsioka , V. E. Mpakou , Z. Kollia, V. E. Gavriil, I.S. Papassideri , G.Th. Tsangaris,  A.C. Cefalas, E. Sarantopoulou , D.J. Stravopodis, Sci. Rep. Nature 8, 16103 (2018).

Targeted Downregulation of s36 Protein Unearths its Cardinal Role in Chorion Biogenesis and Architecture during Drosophila melanogaster Oogenesis.
A.D. Velentzas, P.D. Velentzas, N.E. Sagioglou, E.G. Konstantakou, A.K. Anagnostopoulos, M.M. Tsioka, V.E. Mpakou, Z. Kollia, C. Consoulas, L.H. Margaritis, I.S. Papassideri, G.Th. Tsangaris, E. Sarantopoulou, A.C. Cefalas and D. J. Stravopodis.
Sci. Rep. Nature 6, 35511 (2016).
DOI: 10.1038/srep35511

Conference presentations

Nanoscale surface topology is connected with physical interactions in materials, cells and tissues,
V. E. Gavriil*, D. Christofilos, G. Kourouklis and E. Sarantopoulou,
AUTh Department of Chemical Engineering workshop: Research in the Department of Chemical Engineering and the role of Chemistry Engineering in Modern Greek Industry, Thessaloniki, Greece, 17 December 2018 (Poster).

Nanosciences and complexity decipher biological sciences,
A.C. Cefalas *,
2nd summer school on Physics and Astronomy, Argostoli, Greece, June 25-30 2017 (invited).