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Quantum effects in Biomorphism and self assembly.



Under certain conditions, nano-aggregates of inorganic crystals precipitating in water solutions, are self-organized to form structures at the micro/ nano scale that remarkably resemble living micro organisms, like microfossils and leaves of plants. These structures are known as "BIOMORPHS".We demonstrated that precipitating biomorphs and scaling of CaCO3 in water flow surfaces, is the outcome of quantum interactions between quantum ensembles of molecular rotors of water that rotate coherently under the action of an external magnetic field.
Indeed, under external magnetic field, CaCO3 in water solution will precipitate as aragonite than calcite, (the crystallized state at zero external magnetic field), despite that the zero field ground electronic state of aragonite is placed higher than of calcite by 28 eV. Recent experimental and theoretical results begin to elucidate the process through the amplification of a vacuum state magnetic fluctuation, which can exchange its energy with the angular momentum of a single water molecular rotor for a short period of time. The system is thus driven to a new thermodynamic state of higher free energy than the state at zero magnetic field. In the present work, is indicated that the nanocrystalization of CaCO3 precipitants in water solution can probe the interactions between the electromagnetic field and the matter. At low external magnetic field, the formation of aragonite is taking place when a vacuum state electromagnetic mode is trapped, amplified and sustained in a coherent (collective) antisymmetric state, which is created by an ensemble of individual molecular rotors, which are excited coherently by the external magnetic field. The amplified magnetic mode will not decay to the ground symmetric state of the ensemble of water molecular rotors due to the forbidden nature of transition between the antisymmetric and the symmetric state that gives different flower like biomorpic structure. The ensemble of water molecular rotors is then driven to a higher free-energy state for a longer period of time, allowing thus the CaCO3 precipitants to be crystallized as aragonite. Furthermore, the existence of the coherent antisymmetric state, elucidate the memory effects observed previously in water solutions.

Relevant Publications

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