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1. Interaction of Electromagnetic fields with molecular rotors. Coherent dynamics and transfer of energy in quantum systems.


1. Quantum effects in Biomorphism and self assembly.

Biomorphism of CaCO3 in water solutions.




2. Size dependent processes at the nanoscale.


2.1.Nanosemiconductive properties of metal nitrides.

AFM (top) and C-AFM (down) image of InN nanodomains
with semiconductive response.



2.2 Photonic synthesis and characterization of magnetic Metallic Core-shells



3. Photonic modulation of surfaces and interfaces and dynamic phenomena.


3.1 Nanothermodynamics.

Confinement of molecules (triangles) within nanovoids induces entropic stress.



3.2 Photonic fabrication of bio-arrays at short light wavelengths.

Left: Laser fabrication bioarrays at 157 nm in three steps.
Right: Image of bio-array with three different proteins (red, green, blue) fabricated with the automated laser micro-stepper.

Near field (Fresnel) edge diffraction pattern following laser irradiation with a non-focused laser beam with 1 (a), 5 (b), 10 (c) and 20 (d) laser pulses respectively. Ten diffracted modes are developed along each one of the perpendicular directions of the two axes in the image plane.


3.3 Light induced self assembly.

Surface morphology of exposed (right part) and nonexposed (left part) areas of S2:60% TBMA 40% ethyl-POSS. The step (edge) between the two areas is clearly defined.


4. Space research


4.1 Response of biological systems in vivo under space conditions and solar VUV irradiation.

Left: Optical image of one Aspergillus terreus spore immobilized on the silica wafer.
Right: 2D-AFM image of one Aspergillus terreus spore.




5. Bio-surfactants




















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